How to add the weather in WordPress

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Connectivity Issues – Lish

Oct 23, 08:14 UTC
Investigating – We are aware of connectivity issues affecting the Lish service for Linodes in each of our data centers and are currently investigating. We will continue to provide additional updates going forward.

Vía Linode Status – Incident History

Impacted Connectivity in our Fremont Datacenter

Oct 15, 15:40 UTC
Resolved – At this time, the issue has been resolved and full connectivity has been restored.

Oct 15, 13:21 UTC
Monitoring – Connectivity in our Fremont Datacenter has returned to normal. We’ll continue to monitor this situation and provide updates as necessary.

Oct 15, 13:17 UTC
Investigating – We are investigating issues of impacted connectivity to our Fremont datacenter. We will continue to investigate and post updates once we have additional information.

Vía Linode Status – Incident History

Exporting MySQL into a second DB without replacing tables

The following command exports a MySQL database allowing to import the result in a second DB without dropping the existing tables.

mysqldump --single-transaction --no-create-info --insert-ignore DB TABLE --where="EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM TABLE_NAME WHERE COLLUMN_NAME__datetime > now() - interval 6 month)" | pv | gzip > DUMPDB.sql.gz
pv DUMP.sql.gz | gunzip | mysql --force dbname