Emergency Network Maintenance – Newark


Jun 9, 11:57 UTC
Investigating – We are performing emergency network maintenance on some switches in newark due to unanticipated software upgrades . We will be doing this in stages in order to minimize impact to Linodes. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Vía Linode Status – Incident History http://ift.tt/1XHtxOV

Hardware Maintenance in London


Jun 8, 19:10 UTC
Scheduled – On June 15, 2016 at 5:00PM UTC (1:00pm EDT June 15, 2016) we will be performing emergency switch maintenance in Atlanta. This maintenance will take approximately 4 hours and we do not anticipate any downtime. However this maintenance is being performed on our redundant network infrastructure and has the potential to affect a small subset of hosts. We will keep you updated while the work is performed.

Vía Linode Status – Incident History http://ift.tt/1UfR72j

Tokyo Routing Changes


Jun 7, 14:54 UTC
Scheduled – In order to better utilize our available bandwidth, we’ll be re-configuring our prefix advertisements to our upstream (KDDI). There should be no impact to customer traffic.

Vía Linode Status – Incident History http://ift.tt/1UcrkrG

Scheduled Network Maintenance – Newark


Jun 7, 13:48 UTC
Scheduled – We will be performing network maintenance on Thursday, June 9 from 9:00 UTC until 11:30 UTC. There may be some packet loss of up to 2 minutes for some customers during this maintenance.

Vía Linode Status – Incident History http://ift.tt/215m222

Connectivity Issues – Fremont


Jun 6, 20:37 UTC
Identified – Our upstream provider has indicated that some paths into our Fremont datacenter are experiencing packet loss. We are working with our upstream provider to resolve this.

Jun 6, 20:18 UTC
Investigating – We are aware of intermittent connectivity issues affecting Linodes in our Fremont datacenter and are currently investigating.

Vía Linode Status – Incident History http://ift.tt/1t2PKcX

Linode Manager Bug


Jun 6, 14:28 UTC
Identified – We’ve identified a bug currently preventing the usage of certain sections of the Linode Manager and we’re working to implement a fix.

Vía Linode Status – Incident History http://ift.tt/2136Pyj

Connectivity Issue – Singapore to Newark


Jun 2, 03:16 UTC
Investigating – We are aware of connectivity issues with Linodes between our Singapore and Newark datacenters and are currently investigating the cause.

Vía Linode Status – Incident History http://ift.tt/1PlRvfx

Scheduled Network Maintenance – Frankfurt


Jun 1, 22:09 UTC
Scheduled – On Thursday June 2nd at 9pm UTC we will be conducting a non-service affecting network maintenance in the Frankfurt Germany location. During this maintenance we will be bringing up additional capacity to that location by introducing a new tier 1 IP transit provider to the multi-homed network. We do not expect any negative impact to customers as the routers converge. This capacity is in addition to the capacity that was added earlier today.

Vía Linode Status – Incident History http://ift.tt/1Vxv7kD