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How to add multiple domains to WildDuck Webmail?

How to add multiple domains to WildDuck Webmail?

WildDuck is a simple mail server solution and is often accompanied by the WildDuck Webmail service. While you can create email addresses with any domain via both the WildDuck’s API and the Webmail GUI, when it comes to aliases and the ease of use of the user interface, by default you’re only limited to the one you’ve initially configured.

To add further domains to choose from when creating alias addresses, edit the wildduck-webmail.toml file (it is located in /etc/wildduck/) and add your additional domains in the domains=[] array like so:

# allowed domains for new addresses

Restart the webmail service with systemctl restart wildduck-webmail and you’re good to go.

Download an entire website with wget, along with assets

# One liner
wget --recursive --page-requisites --adjust-extension --span-hosts --convert-links --restrict-file-names=windows --domains --no-parent

# Explained
wget \
--recursive \ # Download the whole site.
--page-requisites \ # Get all assets/elements (CSS/JS/images).
--adjust-extension \ # Save files with .html on the end.
--span-hosts \ # Include necessary assets from offsite as well.
--convert-links \ # Update links to still work in the static version.
--restrict-file-names=windows \ # Modify filenames to work in Windows as well.
--domains \ # Do not follow links outside this domain.
--no-parent \ # Don't follow links outside the directory you pass in. # The URL to download