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Multiple users have reported issues with Magento 2 (see GitHub magento2/issues/23618 or magento2/issues/23908) where customers are unable to proceed with their orders during checkout due to apparent problems with their shipping address.

In those cases, the customers will see a message stating Unable to save shipping information. Please check input data. OR The shipping information was unable to be saved. Verify the input data and try again.. E.g.:

Despite the screenshot above, the address might be correct and customer can’t do anything to unlock the situation hence leading to frustration.

Looking in the logs at var/log/exception.log, multiple related `Invalid customer address id` records can be noted. E.g.:

main.CRITICAL: Invalid customer address id 691 {"exception":"[object] (Magento\\Framework\\Exception\\NoSuchEntityException(code: 0): Invalid customer address id 691 at /vendor/magento/module-quote/Model/QuoteAddressValidator.php:77)"} []

Please note that the ID above is not che customer ID but the customer address ID that can be found in the `customer_address_entity` table. E.g.:

SELECT * FROM magentoDBname.customer_address_entity WHERE entity_id = 691;

This problem appears to be due to a bug occurring when particular conditions are met (see Stack Overflow). Sadly reading from those reports in GitHub and elsewhere, Adobe don’t appear to have figured out a resolution for this edge issue which seems to still affect the most recent versions.

Some code changes have been suggested by users to fix the problem while my preferred, albeit temporary, solution is that of updating the SQL code for those affected users (so we don’t change the Magento core code).

If curious, we can find the affected customers with:

SELECT entity_id, customer_id FROM quote WHERE customer_id != 0 AND customer_is_guest = 1;

We could instead find more details with:

SELECT a.entity_id, a.customer_id, b.firstname, b.lastname, FROM quote a, customer_entity b WHERE a.customer_id != 0 AND customer_is_guest = 1 AND a.customer_id = b.entity_id;

And fix them with:

UPDATE quote SET customer_is_guest = 0 WHERE customer_id != 0 AND customer_is_guest = 1;


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