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I needed to move the home directory into an attached block storage on an Ubuntu server and found this simple and clear Tecmint article:

How to Move Home Directory to New Partition or Disk in Linux

In particular, other than the obvious fstab, the bits I was looking for were:
# mkdir -p /srv/home
# mount /dev/sdb /srv/home
# rsync -av /home/* /srv/home/
# diff -r /home /srv/home
# rm -rf /home/*
# umount /srv/home
# mount /dev/sdb /home
# ls -l /home

Furthermore, I wanted to verify what happens if I need to resize the block storage volume, and that’s now possible to do online (without having to unmount) thanks to resize2fs and recent kernels which is pretty neat:
# resize2fs /dev/sdb

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